In 1987, Stephen Murphy rocketed to national prominence during the 'Howard Beach' trial, one of the most racially volatile cases in New York City's history. One night in December, 1986, Michael Griffith and two other black men were attacked by a dozen white teenagers, shouting epithets and racial slurs, wielding baseball bats and other weapons. Mr. Griffith was chased by the mob onto a highway where he was struck and killed by a car..




"Murphy is the single best trial lawyer, I've ever seen.  I never saw a lawyer work harder for his client.  An amazing advocate.


Judge Thomas Demakos - Retired Queens Supreme Court Justice who presided over the Howard Beach trial.




Mr. Murphy's defense strategy was to concede the lesser charges and to focus on the major ones--the murder and manslaughter charges. Mr. Mondello had confessed to the police that he'd organized the gang and armed them with baseball bats.

As was the case with Howard Beach, this trial dominated the news -- receiving daily television and newspaper coverage. During and after the trial, Mr. Murphy was interviewed on Donahue, Oprah, Nightline, and all of the local news and talk shows. After eleven days of jury deliberation, Mr. Mondello was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges.  His client was the only defendant to be found not guilty of all charges.





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